Here’s my odd take on what it feels like to FIGHT for a friendship.

The longest wars will always have a significant impact on those involved. It can shape a nation’s culture, it can influence the way the people think, and each battle fought can create lasting memories for all those affected.

Now, think of how similar this is to fighting to build friendships.

You meet someone you could potentially be friends with, the war has begun. You start talking to each other occasionally, like a skirmish along the borders. You begin to learn what the other person likes and dislikes, much like when you strategize against a foe. You eventually make plans to hangout and set the date and time. The battleground has been decided. You take pictures when you meet up, a remembrance of the battle fought that day. A cycle that goes on until the war ends.

Regardless of which nation wins the war, the most relevant thing is how it affected the people. How much resources did you use? How many casualties were there? How has it influenced our country’s people and their way of life? How much has your time spent with each other talking and hanging out affected the friendship you were building? Have you forged a lasting relationship? 

Each skirmish you engage in, every second spent strategizing, and every battle fought will ultimately shape how strong your friendship will become.


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