Paragon- N.  a person or thing that is perfect or excellent in some way and should be considered a model or example to be copied

About a month ago, the team I was coaching began one last push to make it into the PGS for the upcoming split. In order to do so, we registered for an online tournament unknowingly violating a rule which would haunt us in the near future. The tournament itself was not difficult at all. In fact, we breezed through it. We were on a different level than everyone else. Better players, better analysts, every aspect of our team no one could come close to challenging us. We finally qualified for regionals and had a week to prepare for our first match. Our opponents were already familiar to us as we faced them in the final of the last tourney and yet we still planned everything thoroughly. 

The day of regionals came and everyone was in a great mood. Good vibes spread everywhere, a whole team in sync. I was anxious to see how good our opponents would be because as we inched closer and closer to the PGS the competition got more serious. 
As the default time of our match drew closer disaster came upon us. We were informed that we had violated a rule regarding our roster and that we would be disqualified from the entire tournament. I was speechless. As my team tried to scramble and plead to be let to compete in the tournament I sat there looking at their despair thinking to myself: “Fuck, is this it? We get beat by the system? No, please no.” 

The dream we were living in had become a nightmare. Everyone had mixed emotions, anger, disappointment, confusion, and sadness.

I felt helpless, unable to end the bad dream we were in. To come so close to conquering this huge mountain just to fall off at the end because one of our ropes snapped. 
Somehow I think we dug our own graves when we unknowingly violated a rule. We may look for scapegoats, blame other teams for foul play, blame the marshal for being an absolute moron. Ultimately though, I blame myself for not knowing the rule existed. I could’ve stopped this whole mess. I’m sorry.

I wish this fiasco does not stop the team from competing. I still believe they are the best roster here and that no one can challenge them. All they got to do is brush aside this setback and begin preparing to climb another mountain. And of course, I’ll be there to support them every step of the way.